Handling Offline Mode in React Native

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Ahsan Ali

4/13/20211 min read

As app developers, we always seek to eliminate as many inconveniences on the user's side as we can. One such inconvenience can be losing an Internet connection in the midst of using an app. To avoid that, we must design for offline mode - a win-win for both the product and user.

In this article, we will go through strategies that serve as a base for designing offline applications in React Native. We will also examine some libraries, their complexities, and edge cases to achieve offline mode.

Most mobile apps consume textual/JSON data because it’s really easy to store, having multiple support technologies i.e. Realm, SQLite, Redux, etc. We can cache the plain data as well, but invalidation of cached data becomes an issue. In some cases, we can overwrite the already-cached data.

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