Ahsan is a person you always want to have in your team. He is calm, painstaking with a positive attitude. You just need to assign him a task and leave everything on him. He will complete the task with full ownership, within a timeline, with every aspect of the task properly implemented, thoroughly tested. He is always ready to go beyond his duty to fulfill the team or even the organization goals. A very good team player with a friendly nature. I highly recommend him for any position he wants to have.

- Mirza Muhammad Awais Qarni

Phenomenal Customer Service! Here are some reviews from my clients.

Highly Recommended.

I hired Ahsan to help develop a mobile and web app in the health and wellness space. We had a large codebase and quite a lot of legacy code for Ahsan to familiarize himself with. Ahsan was incredibly quick to not only master the code, but also make suggestions for greater efficiencies, fewer packages, and better design, all of which improved our app’s performance and ease of use within the first few months of his hire. Ahsan immediately proved to be a key contributor to the team, not only with his vast knowledge, deep expertise, and reliable work, but also with his clear, kind, and thorough mode of communication. He is a true joy to work with. In short, Ahsan is the ideal team member. He is dedicated, hard working, tackles every challenge and task with friendly and effective gusto, and still has the bandwidth to troubleshoot, problem solve, and improve on aspects of our app that we haven’t even noted. I highly recommend him for any project and any team, big or small. His contributions are invaluable. Thank you, Ahsan!

- Kiersten Jakobsen

I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Ahsan. I had the pleasure of working with Ahsan at Tkxel, collaborating on several projects. I was impressed by Ahsan’s ability to deal with even the toughest clients – effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop among professionals.No matter how tense a meeting, Ahsan make sure everyone to leave with a smile. As a team lead, Ahsan earns my highest recommendation.

- Iqbal Khan

I interviewed and hired Ahsan in Rozee.pk as an iOS Software Engineer and he has worked on four different projects with me since then. Ahsan’s ability to handle deadlines really impressed me. Skills that often takes months to develop among developers, Ahsan absorb them very quickly. He give ideas to improve the current architecture. His technical and professional attitude is a proof that he is a Gold medalist from a reputed university. As a team lead, Ahsan earns my highest recommendation.

- Mian Umair Nadeem