How to Set up Push Notifications in React Native

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Ahsan Ali

7/24/20211 min read

When you write a mobile app, one of the most requested features is setting up push notifications. No surprise here: push notifications are a heavily useful tool for any business, so you've got to master this side of building an app.

In this article we'll be looking into how to set up push notifications in React Native, by implementing and testing on both iOS and Android platforms.

We can send a notification through multiple libraries or through APNs specifically for iOS. But because the Firebase messaging library is particularly easy to integrate, we will use it throughout this article to demonstrate the step-by-step implementation.

Before proceeding with the implementation, make sure you already have a React Native project ready to use, so that we can start following the necessary steps to complete our push notification mission:

  1. Firebase Installation

  2. Android Setup

  3. iOS Setup

  4. Code integration for push notifications

  5. Sending the test push notification

  6. Handling notification flow